Additional services

We have created additional modules that can be added to your standard wine store. Depending your audience and your business model, these additional features can be very interesting as they can enhance your customers shopping experience, create higher conversion or support your back-office team.

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Full Customer Support: 49 euro / month

All our customers will receive an extensive manual how to use their store. This manual will help you to configure your store and execute the store operations.

In case you need 24/7 assiatance from our support desk, you can use our customer support service for 49 euro/month. 24 hours a day you can use our helpdesksystem for any query. Within 24 hours we will get back to you answering your questions.

Using your own domain name: 15 euro / month

All shops have a standard install domain at It is possible to have your store installed under your own domainname like

This additional service is available at 15 euro/month.

Are you already running a website and you would like to have your store being available at than we do that free of charge. You only need to make some small modifications to your current server configuration. We tell you what kind of modifications you need to execute.

Exclusivity on store layout: 49 euro / month

When renting a wine store, you will have access to several store layouts that you can choose from. We will keep on developing new lay outs so chaning your store’s lay out in the future is no problem at all.

Selecting a lay-out is included in the monthly rate. However, it is possible that some other wine shop will use the same lay-out as you do. In case you need exclusivity, your lay-out will only be used by your store. Exclusive user rights on a lay-out is available at 49 euro/month.

Below you can find all lay-outs that are currently available. Do you want to switch to another layout? No problem! Within 1 hour we change the lay-out of your store for one time fee of 49 euro.

Multi Warehouse feature: 15 euro / month

Many stores operate from one warehouse. In case your porducts are residing in multiple warehouses, our Multi Warehouse module makes sure your warehouses will receive correct packing instruction. Every order is split into multiple packing lists only holding the products that are residing in the appropriate warehouse. Split packing list are automatically sent to the warehouse via EDI and HTML so every warehouse can handle your packing instructions.

It is very easy to add the Multi Warehouse module to our standard services. We can offer the Multi Warehouse feature for 49 euro/month and a one time setup fee of 100 euro.

Sampler Case module: 19 euro / month

With the Sample Case module, online retailers can create Sampler Cases to reduced prices. You can create any case you like and add any product to it and change the price for that product when bought in the Sampler Case. This is a perfect marketing and sales tool to give your customers extra benefits.

The Sample Case module is available at 19 euro/month and a one time setup fee of 50 euro.

Data entry assistance

As soon as we have installed your store, you will receive a message from us that your store is ready for use. Than you can start working on entering products, customers, product images, etc. We can understand that this is a nightmare for you and that you would like us to that for you. We are able to assist you in this work. We tell you the exact format so that you can hand in Excel documents with the appropriate data and structure.

Entering customer data: 150 euro

Entering product data

  • 0-100 products: 100 euro
  • 100 – 500 products: 150 euro
  • 500-2500 products: 200 euro
  • 2500 + products: 250 euro

Entering product images:

  • 0-500 images: 50 euro
  • 500 – 2500 images: 100 euro
  • 2500 + images : 150 euro

Entering “title tags” for SEO: 0,50 eurocent / product

Magic Wine Case module: 49 euro / month

We have developed a module that is a very interesting tool for customers who do not know what titles they should choose. Buying wine can be a labyritnth of choises and can have a negative influence on your conversion rate. This is the tool that can help your customers. To buy what they want to their budget. This module is very interesting for retailers offering a large portfolio (> 500 SKU)

The Magic Wine Case module generates a case of wine meeting the customers criteria. The only selection the customer has to make are:

  • The budget (for example 150 euro)
  • The size of the case (for example: 18 bottles)
  • The number of bottles per title (for example: 2 bottles per title)
  • Wine feature (for example: “red wine from USA” or “Germany white,” or Red wine with Parker score > 90 points, etc, etc)

When the customer entered his criteria, the Magic Wine Case will immediately create a wine box of 18 bottles, 9 different titles only wines meeting the criteria entered (for example Red Wine from USA)

The case of wine that is generated will hold a value not higher than 150 euro. However, a case of 90 euro is also meeting the budget of the customer. The system is maximizing the profit for the retailer, making sure that the case value will be very close to 150 euro. The Magic Wine Case module is a perfect tool for your customers but also to you as you can maximize the case value. The Magic Wine Case is also a perfect gift tool!

The Magic Wine Case Module is available for 49 euro/month and a one time setup fee of 100 euro.

Custom modifications to your store

Despite the fact that our stores are benchmarked to wine e-commerce best practises, there is the possiblity to modify your store

We can add almost any feature you like and if we think this feature will be interesting for all member stores, we will be happy do the modifications free of charge and we will put this on our product road map.

Most modifcations will involve designing work as some clients like to integrate their corporate identity into their online wine store. We can create complete new store lay-outs for you based on your hand in designs or create a design for you. Please contact us to get an indication of the costs.