EWS Full Service

This is the choice of organisations that would like to outsource their online wine sales completely.

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What is EWS Full Service?

EasyWineShopper.com will take care of the operations and management of the wine store branded by you. Content management, order management, declaration of VAT and excise, fulfilling orders, generating traffic, etc., etc., these tasks will all be executed by our team.

Together we decide which shopping variant will be appropriate for your brand. After analysing the current and future market we decide on implementing the Basic, Pro or e-Market shop variant and on which additional modules to add. This is more about penetrating the market shoulder by shoulder and revenue sharing business models are common.

Standard rates are 2,50 euro per bottle +10% of the SRP on any bottle sold (excl VAT). For example:

  • When you sell a wine for 15 euro ex VAT to your online customers, EWS will charge you 2,50 + 0.1*15 = 2.50 + 1.50 =  4.00 euro per bottle sold.
  • When you sell a wine for 50 euro ex VAT to your online customers, EWS will charge you 2,50 + 0.1*50 = 2.50 + 5.00 = 7.50 euro per bottle sold

SRP's are set by you. Any modifications to web design and usability will be charged additionally.

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